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Hello & welcome to my blog!

My name is Georgie, I’m 26, living in the South of England with my puppy, Noodles. You’ll see lots of him. I love the outdoors, writing, food, keeping fit, horses, dogs (all animals actually), beauty products, cocktails & most other girlie things! Except fashion, I’ve never been very fashionable!

There is nothing I love more than trying something new, wether that be a different country, sport, a new walk, foreign cuisine or different cultures. I’m a bit of a ‘personality tester.’

I started a company a few years ago called “Summer Villas“, renting out properties in Ibiza, South of Spain & Lanzarote. This was partially down to my dad, who owned a successful business renting hundreds of properties all over the world.

He sadly died at the end in October 2015, which turned my world upside down, but in the same process, kattapulted everything into perspective for me.

His death, although being the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with, was the proof, that no matter how terrible things are, there will always be a silver lining. Sometimes though, you just have to search a littler harder than you’re wanting to.

So, I had done the hard bit, I created a company that was making money, it ticked over pretty much by itself with very little input from me, I’m sad to say it, but I lost interest in it after dad died & the oomph that made me start it two years ago had perished. I was suddenly lacking direction and self-belief.

Strangely though, a few months after dad has passed away, I started re-evaluating things. All of a sudden, things were mattering again. I was remembering why I started Summer Villas. I wanted to have something to work towards, something I loved. I was passionate about travelling, marketing and writing. I had the experience that my dad gave me with the running of the business, it was time to use it again. I wouldn’t want to put all those trips to the Costa Del Sol to waste. Those hours looking around new properties were really starting to become useful!

The reason I started this blog was to reignite my spark for writing. I used to write a lot, but the past few years, other things had taken priority. What an excuse to go out in the big wide world & write about them. I wanted a way to document all the little tips and tricks that I find along the way. With Summer Villas being a small independent company, I rely heavily on friends and family spreading the word about us. I love using and talking about local businesses, so you will see me reviewing and linking as many as I can around this website. I wouldn’t ever review anyone or anything I haven’t used myself, so If I write a good review, you know it’s good!

I don’t have the money to spend thousands on trips all around the world, but I’m going to try my hardest to grasp as many new experiences as I can (and hopefully gain some new property rentals on the way!) All while paying for my day-to-day responsibilities and holding down my two other jobs! Wish me luck!

The last few months, I’ve realised first hand that life can be pretty tough, but its really worth remember that whatever happens, it’s a wonderful world… so let me remind you by joining me on a journey of adventure, learning and appreciating.